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LG 160 (Credo Mobile) Free

Credo Mobile's LG 160 is a workable basic phone with a unique specialty carrier. If you need a phone for making calls, and want to support progressive and green causes at the same time, this phone is worth a look.

Samsug SGH-G600 Free

Samsug SGH-G600 320 x 240 pixels LCD display GSM 850/900/1800/1900 (Quadband),With a resolution of 5 megapixels, this model will give you better pictures than other phones.

Helio Mysto Free

Though we weren't keen on the Helio Mysto's touchy controls and call quality, we were impressed with its healthy array of features.

LG LX5450 (Alltel Wireless) Free

Provided you can get sufficient Alltel service in your area, the LG LX5450's user-friendly design and high-quality camera are worth a look.

LG Aloha - LX140 (Virgin Mobile) Free

The Virgin Mobile Aloha is a functional, basic phone, but there are better such handsets in Virgin Mobile's lineup.

LG VX3200 (Verizon Wireless) Free

Functional and easy to use, the LG VX3200 puts on no airs and does exactly what a cell phone should.

LG VX4600 (Verizon Wireless) Free

For casual calling and playing the occasional game, this lightweight phone is ideal.

LG VI5225 (Sprint) Free

The LG VI5225 is practical and easy to use but lacks the added functionality found in comparable cell phones.

LG VX7000 (Verizon Wireless) Free

LG's VX7000 video-recording camera phone will please shutterbugs, but its weak e-mail capabilities and lack of business-friendly offerings will disappoint professionals.

LG G4050 (AT&T) Free

The LG G4050 is an ideal cell phone for callers who don't demand too much from their mobiles.